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International Championships

10 out 2017 - 12 out 2017

Inglaterra - Brentwood/London


10-11 Oct:
The International Hall
Doddinghurst Rd
Brentwood Centre
CM15 9NN Brentwood
12 Oct:
The Royal Albert Hall

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Dance News Special Projects Ltd
Data limite
01 ago 2017 (terça-feira)

Tickets from £27.00 per person per day which includes admission tickets for the entire day at the International Hall in Brentwood. Please enter on line using on-line entry form.

Juvenile, Juniors, U21, Seniors, Over50 and Professional Rising Stars will complete their competitions on the relevant days (Latin on Tuesday and Ballroom on Wednesday). The Amateur and Professional successful qualifiers will dance at the Royal Albert Hall in London on Thursday.

The tickets for The Brentwood Hall can obtained by sending the cheque (Sterling only, payable to Dance News Ltd) to:
Dance News Ltd
Elm House
Tanshire Park
Shackleford Road, Elstead
Surrey GU8 6LB

Payments by Visa and Mastercard also accepted.

Booking for the Royal Albert Hall either at the box office, by telephone, by post or on-line. Go to and chose Events on Sale and search for the International Championships on the 12th Oct 2017. For box office bookings: the Royal Albert Hall box office is open from 9am - 9pm, 7 days a week and is located at Door 12 on the south side of the Hall, leading up from Prince Consort Rd. Telephone bookings: call +44 20 7589 8212. By post: refer to the website for address. Cheques payable to 'Royal Albert Hall'.

10 out 2017 (terça-feira)
  • Juvenile Latin
  • Junior Latin
  • Junior U14 Latin
  • Youth U21 Latin
  • Senior Latin
  • Amateur Latin (preliminary heats)
  • Professional Latin (preliminary heats)
  • Professional Rising Star Latin
11 out 2017 (quarta-feira)
  • Juvenile Ballroom
  • Junior Ballroom
  • Junior U14 Ballroom
  • Youth U21 Ballroom
  • Senior Ballroom
  • Senior Over50 Ballroom
  • Amateur Ballroom (preliminary heats)
  • Professional Ballroom (preliminary heats)
  • Professional Rising Star Ballroom
12 out 2017 (quinta-feira)
  • Amateur Ballroom (qualified)
  • Amateur Latin (qualified)
  • Professional Ballroom (qualified)
  • Professional Latin (qualified)